Unilever CEO: Yes, Gender Equality Can Transform Our Economy

Unilever CEO Paul Polman understands the need for empowering girls.

In a frank conversation with his son Sebastian for Huffpo's parent-kid interview show Speak To Me, the Dutch entrepreneur discussed his ideas on gender equality.

"In this planet, maybe not every one has the sam e chances – the right to schooling, the right to work, the right to meals," he mentioned. "And among the largest chances that we've worldwide would be to grant equal rights to women and men. If we might only invest less, but the same in females and ladies as we commit in guys, the international market could be larger by about 28 trillion in the next 15-20 years alone."

Polman mentioned the manners Unilever operates to stay a "sex-balanced" firm providing you with equal opportunities to girls. 

"If you commit in girls, you then frequently get a higher yield," he declared.

Polman additionally spoke about the need for corporate social responsibility. "The job of company should be to make a confident contribution to culture. Why would it not be there? Why would individuals let it to be there?" he mentioned. "Therefore if anybody in company can not describe what they do to help the others or make a good contribution, they should actually ask themselves why they're there in the first place." 

View the complete video above on his career as a milkman in Holland, combating climate change, and even entrepreneurship, beating failure.

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