Hello everyone and welcome Once again to the Entrepreneur power hour! In this weeks show we will be discussing Something quite different than previous shows because we want to keep it fresh, fun and Interesting for you our viewers! So This week we are Discussing "The unity Of body and mind through the power of movement!  We want to know what you do to keep your mind and body In synch so that you feel good and have mental clarity and Regular physical exercise.
This HOA is LIVE  Saturday may 23/2015 @ 4PM EST/3PM CST and 1PM PST!!
Questions and Discussion--4pm-5pm EST
1-What are Some meditation practices that have helped you maintain Mental focus and Clarity?

2-How important is diet to you? Do you eat the right foods so that your mind and body get what it needs to Function healthy and properly?

3-How much sleep on average do you get each day and how important would you say sleep is to your overall mental focus and productivity?

4-How much physical exercise do you get each day and What do you enjoy doing to exercise. Eg: Include Martial arts, Running, Weight Lifting,Joining a gym, which one is right for you?

5-What are your opinions on the 4 questions above and do you believe that they are key components to success in all areas of your life?
Q&A Portion of the Show 5PM EST-5:30 PM EST
During this Last 30 mins of the live On Air broadcast you Can Ask any questions you wish in regards to the Topic of this weeks show or any other questions you may have for us!!!

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