All entrepreneurs  need something to get them going and keep them going on the tough road to their dreams!

That is why we created our show the Entrepreneur Power Hour! What is it you ask? Me and Chris have a show every Tuesday On Zoom Hangouts On Air! We invite all different types of entrepreneurs to our show so they can engage in open discussion to promote their critical thinking skills. These questions really allow them to explore themselves an what they believe. This is not just a show this is a true paradigm shift!

Why Engage In This Exercise?

While this may sound like an old concept its an important one because you don't want to get stuck doing something day in and day out that you have no love for or no connection to? Do you have the Entrepreneurial spirit? If you do then this is the place to be! Do you have a funny story you wanna share about your life? Then do it here! This is a place to grow, learn and have fun! We Can also teach you some skills to build relationships and grow your team for your business!

 The Power Hour Membership

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Entrepreneur Power Hour Membership

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