Power Hour Origins

How Did The Entrepreneur Power Hour Start?

Me and Chris have always had a entrepreneurial spirit. The idea of working for someone else  and letting some control your destiny is no way to live your life. We had tried alot of different systems to become financially independent and none of them worked. Going from system to system and company to company just doesn't seem like the way to create a lasting income. We finally decided to make our own show and our own mark on the world. Thus the Entrepreneur Power Hour was born. All entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs alike need something to get them going and keep them going on the tough road to their dreams. While this may sound like an old concept its an important one because you don't want to get stuck doing something day in and day out that you have no love for or no connection to. Every week we bring new and exciting personalities on our show with a simple goals of uniting them in hearts and minds by using five questions about a personal development topic! If you are in any type of entrepreneurial pursuits or you are an established businessman this is for you. Please visit our google plus page and lets keep the party rocking I'll see you on the inside!!



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  • Diandra

    Reply Reply July 3, 2016

    Thanky Thanky for all this good innrmoatiof!

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