Marketing Your Dreams With Bruce Bates

The Entrepreneur Power Hour Interviews Bruce Bates president of the marketers co-op. Bruce gives a powerful history lesson and how he started his entrepreneurship with some of the most primitiave types of computers. Bruce shares the power of a marketing co-op and how it has helped multiple businesss owners createbring thier dreams to reality through the right exposure. You may have the best ideas in the world  but how effective are they if you cannot get traffic to them. Bruce informs the listeners about how to stay clear of traffic scams and hype on the internet and build a powerful business that gets real hits. If you are in dire need to traffic check out this interview and join the marketers co-op!!

We Asked Bruce:

1.How did you become an entrepreneur?

2.Tell more about what you do and some of the highlights of your career?

3.Give 3 tips for anyone who like start doing what you are doing? (or how what your doing can help them on their journey)

4. What has your experience as an entrepreneur been like so far and what advice can you give to our audience or other new entrepreneurs to stay motivated in order to become successful?

5. Where can we find you online?

To Find Bruce go to

To Visit The Markerts Co-op Go to marketing co-op

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