Jim Brown Fast Facts

(CNN)Here's a look at the life of activist, performer and Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown. He performed his whole career with the Cleveland Browns.

February 17, 1936

Birth location: St. Simons Island, Ga

    Name at birth: James Nathaniel Brown

    Dad: Swinton Brown, an expert fighter

    Mom: Theresa Brown, a house keeper

    Unions: Monique Gunthrop (1997-current); Sue Jones (1958-1972, divorced)

    Children: with Monique Gunthrop: Aris, Morgan; with Sue Jones: Kim and Kevin (twins), James, Jr.; with Kim Jones: Kimberly; with Brenda Ayres: Shellee; Karen Brown Ward (mom's title unavailable publicly)

    Education: Syracuse College, B.A., 1957

    Other Details:
    At Syracuse, Brown performed soccer, lacrosse, basketball and ran path.

    Qualified as a decathlete, so that you can concentrate on football but failed to compete for the 1956 Olympics.

    Inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1983, the School Soccer Hall of Fame in 1995 and the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 1971.

    Led the NFL in rushing 8

    Played in 9 straight Professional Bowls, for the 1957-1965 seasons.

    NFL's MVP in 1965 and 1957, 1958.

    Starred in films like "The Dirty Dozen," "Ice Station Zebra" and "100 Rifles."

    1957 -
    First round draft pick, sixth participant total, by the Cleveland Browns. After named Rookie of Mvp and additionally the Year.

    60s - Founds the Negro Industrial and Economic Union (later re named the Black Financial Union) to aid black entrepreneurship.

    1964 - "Off My Chest, " Brown's auto Biography, with Myron Cope, is introduced.

    1964 - Movie debut in "Rio Conchos."

    December 27, 1964 - The Cleveland Browns defeat the Baltimore Colts 27-0 in the NFL Championship Match. (The Superbowl changed the NFL Championship Game in 1967).

    July 2 4, 1965 - A jury finds Brown not guilty of assault and battery against 18-year old Brenda Ayres, after an episode in his accommodation.

    July 14, 1966 - After nine seasons and 118 matches, retires from professional soccer at the age of 30.

    1968 - Brown is charged with assault with intent to commit homicide after design Eva Bohn-Chin is located beneath the balcony of Brown's 2nd floor flat. The cost is dismissed after Bohn Chin refuses to identify him. Brown pays a great for striking a deputy sheriff during an identical event.

    1969 - Stars in "100 Rifles" with Raquel Welch. It's among the first studio movies

    February 5, 1970 - A jury finds Brown not guilty of assault and battery costs, coming from a traffic accident in 1969.

    1971 - Is inducted in to the Professional Football Hall of Fame, in his first year of qualifications.

    1978 - Is sentenced to one day in prison for beating and strangling his golfing companion, Frank Snow. Brown is fined $500 and receives two years' probation.

    1985 - Brown is charged with raping and assaulting a 3 3-year old girl in his house. The judge after dismisses the charges according to testimony that is inconsistent.

    August 1986 - Brown is arrested for attacking live in partner Debra Clark. After Clark will not prosecute the costs are dropped.

    1988 - Founds the Amer-I-Can plan, an organization focused on stopping gang violence and assisting people "take charge of the lives and reach their total potential."

    1989 - Brown's memoir, with Steve Delsohn, "Out of Bounds," is introduced.

    June 15, 1999 - Following a domestic disturbance with his spouse Monique, Jim Brown is detained and charged with making terrorist threats toward his spouse. In the 9 11 tape, Monique Brown accuses Brown of threatening to destroy her, a claim she after recants.

    September 10, 1999 - A jury finds Brown guilty of malicious mischief for smashing his spouse's vehicle with a scoop during the June event. He's fined $1, 800 to three years' probation, 12 months community service or 40 hrs on a hrs of domestic violence counselling and 400 work crew.!

    January 5, 2000 - Brown is sentenced to half a year in prison for rejecting the courtroom-ordered counselling and community support hrs passed in 1999. He serves nearly four months in 2002.

    2002 - Spike Lee's documentary, "Jim Brown: Allamerican," is introduced.

    2005-2010 - Executive advisor to the Cleveland Browns.

    2008 - Documents case against Ea, alleging the gaming business used his likeness in the Madden NFL video games without his permission.

    2009 - A federal judge dismisses Brown's 2008 suit against Ea. An appeals court upholds the opinion in 2013.

    May 2-9, 2013 - Is known as special advisor to the Cleveland Browns.

    July 2014 - Documents case against sports memorabilia retailer Lelands, alleging the online auction seller was promoting Brown's purloined 1964 championship ring. Lelands countersues Brown in August 2014.

    October 2015 - The court case is settled, and Brown's ring is returned.

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