How This Monk-Turned-Entrepreneur Brought Meditation To The Masses

Andy Puddicombe is not your standard monk. 

The entrepreneur spent in the Himalayas in quiet retreat and was officially ordained as a Buddhist monk. Now, he's founded a successful technology startup in Venice Seaside, California, where he is an enthusiastic surfer and seaside bum. 

Everything began with a wish to better comprehend his own thoughts, which led him to start meditating at age 11. As an university student, Puddicombe identified himself feeling joyful at first glance but unfulfilled inside. Thus, he determined to go to India and study Buddhism with the masters. 

"I actually needed to comprehend my head in and outside," Puddicombe mentioned. "I understood where the Dalai Lama dwelt, and I believed that would be an excellent spot to begin." 

When a business man he met there requested him to come educate the execs at his place of work afterwards, he was instructing at a meditation centre in Moscow. That is when Puddicombe determined he could do more good on earth by leaving the monastery and assisting others create a healthier relationship with their own thoughts. 

To create mindfulness to every one, he developed a directed meditation program called Head Space. Puddicombe considers which you do not have to go stay in a monastery to understand how to meditate -- you only have to consider "10 aware minutes" each day.

"Meditation is an extremely important device, but it is only when we take it in to our associations and our lives that we begin to actually see the adjustments," Puddicombe mentioned. "For me, which is success... studying to pay all the things, that gear that gets in the way in which and weighs us down in lifestyle, and understanding to be kinder to ourselves and individuals around us." 

Check the video above for more information about Puddicombe believes that anyone can reap the benefits of meditating only 10 minutes a day out. Puddicombe's narrative is the most recent episode of Pioneers, a new HuffPost Originals show that profiles leaders in different sectors that have redefined achievement by producing it their mission to stay more purposeful and less trying lives.

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