Guy Deliberately Dresses As Idiotically As Possible For London Fashion Week, Gets Greeted As A Celebrity Model

Despite what they try to tell you, there’s really nothing cool about the world of high fashion. Look beneath the superficial facade of glitz and glamor and you will find plenty of snobbery, coke addiction and people desperately trying to “fake it til you make it, darling.”

We all know this, but it’s nice to get a little confirmation sometimes. YouTubers Zac and Jay decided to test out their high fashion credentials recently, by dressing up a random mate in some ridiculous outfits from a budget clothing store.

They then headed to the 2019 London Fashion Week, where model Max, described as a “confident, unfashionable, blank canvas of a man,” managed to capture the attention of hordes of photographers, convinced he was the real deal.

Old mate Max Fosh, who also has a YouTube channel was suddenly transformed into red-hot male model “Maximillian Bucharest.” With dainty pink rubber gloves and his “emotional baggage” lending him the Avant-Garde vibe that high fashion prides itself on, he quickly grabbed the attention of many on the streets of London.

It just goes to show, that with a little imagination and some basic materials, you too could be a famous designer! Although to be fair, Max does have just the kind of features you might expect from a male model. It wouldn’t work with just anyone!

The Zac and Jay show has over 185k subscribers, the young British duo are well-known for their positive humor, love of the absurd and hilarious pranks. According to their website, they met while “studying an entrepreneurship degree at university where they quickly discovered a shared love for creating. After 5 years of working separately, they finally set up The Zac and Jay Show and started working together full time.”

“From exploring strange things like the World Bog Snorkelling Championships, hustling on challenges such as flying to New York for free, making a social impact on issues close to their heart and connecting with all sorts of people along the way these lads experience it all.”

Zac and Jay tell their fans to expect “Unproblematic, Positive, Mad” content, and you gotta say that this prank perfectly delivered on that promise.

Apparently, ASOS designers were so inspired, they even created a similar outfit

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