Word Equals Deed: The Importance of Teamwork

Hello Everyone And Welcome To The Entrepreneur Power hour! As always we appreciate everyone's participation and enthusiasm! Your continued Support Means everything to us! This week We will be discussing Word Equals Deed: The Importance of Working together also known as Teamwork! When just one team member decides to negate his or her responsibility the entire team suffers and is then forced to carry the extra responsibility and burden of that team member who has decided to Flake out on the rest of the team! What also follows from there is that because of that one person it reflects badly on the rest of the teams reputation and integrity. Remember when in a network of teams you are viewed as the whole and not the sum of its parts, Therefore its important to remember that your decisions ALWAYS affect the rest of YOUR team! The Entrepreneur power hour Prides itself on being a team that keeps their word and We value people with integrity and Commitment to their deeds and actions! This was our broadcast this Tuesday!! We hope you enjoy!!

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