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Hi my name is Kareem Maize and welcome to the Entrepreneur Power hour. I am 26 year old musician and information technology professional with a passion for learning new aspects of life everyday. On my journey to express myself I began creating entrepreneurial ideas to share with others. This website was created to offer people as a way to connect the world entrepreneurs and inspire critical thinking by asking them  questions concerning personal development. I love building sites on wordpress and offering the world my interests, passions, and hobbies! You can find details on our weekly google broadcast show the entrepreneur power hour and much much more!! Come and and stay for a while and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Chris Peeters
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Hello! ! I am Chris Peeters and I'm 34 years young, and I love metal music.. Expression and Learning and growing as much as possible, I know what it takes to lead and influence others. The entrepreneur power hour is the way I have begun to make the transformation into a  source of motivation for entrepreneurs of all types!!! So I hope you will find value on my profile and i am constantly working harder on myself and my skills so that I will be of a benefit to helping anyone who needs help in network marketing, Social media and Personal development!!!  

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