How the next US administration can encourage long-term investment in Africa


(CNN)For too long, foreign investment in Africa has taken a short-term perspective that values extracting commodities over adding value. Whether from East to West, investment is often a one-sided affair which is a proxy for global politics. Exceptions have been some of the international consumer goods companies who have recognized the depth of the opportunity…

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The Perspective Shift You Need To Make If You’re Always Feeling Unmotivated


Ive been suffering from a bout of something bloggers and entrepreneurship gurus dont seem to cover very often: feeling deeply, darkly unmotivated. Over the past few weeks, Ive been living in one of the hippest and most inspirational cities on the planet, Berlin, and sticking my toes into what with the recent Brexit decision is…

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From teenage headmaster to building the ‘Harvard’ of Africa


(CNN)At just 18 years old, Fred Swaniker became a head teacher. Since then he’s built an empire that he hopes will enrich and empower the entire continent.

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Leaving Your ‘Draining’ 9-To-5 Could End Up Being A Huge Mistake


A quick lap around the room of any networking event in Silicon Valley will leave you slammed with a barrage of fake smiles and overly enthusiastic statements like Life is amazing, and my company is finally taking off! and Ive just been so free and happy since I made the jump! If only these statements…

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Ditch the Plan B? Go ahead, so long as you’re rich | Arwa Mahdawi


A recent study says that if you really want to achieve your dreams, dont worry about a safety net. Fine advice for those for whom failure wouldnt spell disaster To Plan B or not to Plan B, that is the question. Science finally has the answer and, apparently, its No, absolutely not. If you want…

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Here’s The Final Push You Need To Quit Your Soul-Sucking Office Job


Not too long ago, I jumped off the corporate ladder in search of this elusive creative escalator. Yes, I am yet another Millennial who gave up a cushy, six-figure job in search for creative and meaningful work. I had followed the rules every step of the way to get to where I was. I had…

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Straight talking: What business can learn from football managers – BBC News


But has the longest-serving manager in the Premier League outstayed his welcome? Critics point to a lack of titles in the last 10 years, and are frustrated with the lack of big spending to keep up with rivals. Image copyright Getty Images His determination to manage every aspect of the club extends to the motivational…

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5 Reasons There’s Never Been A Better Time To Start Your Own Company


I thought he was crazy. I was sitting across from my mentor when I nearly spewed my iced coffee. You should really start your own company. I wasn’t an entrepreneur. I had no actual business experience. I studied political science, not business! It took some serious convincing, but I eventually made the jump. At 24…

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If You’re The Youngest Sibling, Science Says You’ll Probably Be A Millionaire


According to The Sunday Times, the youngest siblings in familiesthat do not have a history of entrepreneurship are more likely to take risks down the roadasbusinessmen and businesswomen. The researchers at the Universities of Birmingham and Reading explained the “born to rebel” thesis suggests youngest siblings are “more likely to be exploratory, unconventional and tolerant…

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When students start a business in university – BBC News


Media captionA university start-up evolves after 15 years in business It’s little more than a decade since Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard at the age of 19 to launch Facebook. The social network has made him the fourth-richest man in America and a hero to any aspiring college entrepreneur. Of course Zuckerberg was already…

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