It’s Hard To Find Fresh Produce In North Philly — But Not If You Grow Your Own


A 2-acre plot of land is providing a dietary lifeline for a Philadelphia neighborhood that badly needs it. The plot, which was once a dumping ground, was taken over by the Philly Urban Creators in 2010 and transformed into an urban farm for the locals of North Philadelphia. The collective of artists and organizers now…

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After My ‘Terrible’ Fox News Fail, I’m Ready To Defend Hillary Clinton’s Record


Judge Pirro asked me a question that I didn’t know was coming:  I had prepared for a dozen topics, but not this one. In this situation, you’re supposed to pivot and shimmy, but I didn’t. I stammered. I blinked. The argument lobbed at me on Saturday night was simple: Hillary Clinton’s name appears on just three…

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4 Ways You Can Further Your Education Instead Of Going To Grad School


If you’re trying to advance your career, common wisdom says attending graduate school might be the answer. By earning a graduate degree, you can learn new skills, increase your job prospects and position yourself for higher pay. While much is this is true, you can also leave yourself worse off financially. As the Wall Street…

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10 Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice For Having A Successful Career


Being an ambitious lady with an eye for entrepreneurship has never easier than it is today. In 2016, a plethora of smart women in charge proverunning a business is not only possible, but probable. Any career counselor will tell you that, as a woman, the most important thing you can do is connect with female…

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Day 4 of GOP convention speeches: CNN vets the claims


(CNN)The Republican Party gathered in Cleveland on Thursday for the fourth night of its convention, and CNN’s Reality Check Team put the speakers’ statements and assertions to the test. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the speeches and selected key statements, rating them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false;…

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These Are The Best Cities To Live In If You’re Trying To Start A Business


What woman wouldn’t want to start her own business these days? It sounds great. Be your own boss. Make a ton of money. Get on “Shark Tank.” Sell your business to Facebook or Google or something. Oh wait, that’s just what could happen if you’re incredibly successful. And being successful is hard.Especially when the failure…

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There Are Finally Emojis To Sum Up Why It’s Taking You So Long To Get Ready


It’s 7:15 pm, and the celebration begins at 7:30. You’re going to be late by at least 30 minutes, particularly since your hair is sopping wet and you harbor’t even started your imitation-and-bake tan. Becoming amazing is difficult. Rather than texting your girl friends the oldschool emoji, rsquo & L;Oreal proposes an option. The attractiveness…

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Cultivating a workers paradise


La Fageda is one of Spains most successful dairy farms. Its also a co-operative which employs mentally ill people. Giles Tremlett meets its inspirational but ageing founder as his vulnerable workers wonder what will happen once he retires In 1984 a disillusioned Spanish psychologist named La Fageda, after the forest, began by providing manual labour…

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Richard Branson Fast Facts


(CNN)Here’s a look at the existence of creator and Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Group, Ltd., Richard Branson. Private:birthdate: July 18, 1950 Birth location: Surrey, England

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Word Equals Deed: The Importance of Teamwork


Hello Everyone And Welcome To The Entrepreneur Power hour! As always we appreciate everyone’s participation and enthusiasm! Your continued Support Means everything to us! This week We will be discussing Word Equals Deed: The Importance of Working together also known as Teamwork! When just one team member decides to negate his or her responsibility the…

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