Inside the impossible life of a New York street vendor


Street vendors find themselves in a war for the right to be ambitious in New York City and with its massive police presence, Times Square is a frontline Selling on the streets is hard. It doesnt matter if one is slinging handbags or doughnuts, shish kebab or art vending is for those who are tough.…

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2 brothers have tapped into Africa’s coffee renaissance


(CNN)Nigeria is the seventh largest coffee producing country in the world, and two brothers there have decided to capitalize on this. After working abroad and soaking up caf culture, Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie opened Caf Neo in 2012 in Lagos, and now have 10 locations in Nigeria with plans to rapidly expand over the next…

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The Cherry Orchard review Diane Lane stars in disarrayed Chekhov comedy


Jumpy actors and an unusual vocabulary are among many jarring elements in a scattered adaptation that never gets out of the woods I dont know what to make of it, says Ranevskaya in the midst of The Cherry Orchard. Im losing my bearings. I could scream right now. Many spectators must sigh in sympathy as…

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John Banvilles Dublin, a city lost and found


When John Banville embarked on a memoir of the city that shaped his early life, his recollections began to falter. He recounts the journey that led him back to the past Recently I spent a few nights in a New York hotel that I last stayed in a quarter of a century ago. In those…

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A timeline of Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct: who, when and what


At the second debate, Donald Trump denied ever kissing or touching women without consent. But a number of women have come forward to contradict that Several women have come forward in the last 24 hours accusing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, of sexual misconduct, in multiple incidents spanning the last 30 years. The women spoke…

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Backed by Richard Branson, this start up has African children at its heart


(CNN)When school is free, you might expect all enthusiastic children to show up, but what if they can’t afford the uniform, school equipment and shoes? One entrepreneur and his team are changing the lives of young children in South Africa by providing them with school uniforms, bought with money from sales of his watch company.

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The loudest sound in Birmingham was of doors being slammed shut | Andrew Rawnsley


The Tories are hurtling towards a hard Brexit and a riven Labour party is no position to stop them Seeking sustenance in a Brummie cafe to get me through the Tory conference, I heard myself request a full English Brexit. Thats what it does to your head: several days of close confinement with Conservatives salivating…

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Pittsburgh’s thriving tech sector brings new life to post-industrial city


Academic and healthcare hubs eds and meds have helped attract technology companies such as Uber and Google, as showcased by the Thrival festival When Uber chose to test its robot-driven taxis in Pittsburgh, some may have wondered why the tech company had chosen Americas former capital of steel for its road test into the future.…

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A free market in tax is a groteseque reality | Nick Cohen


Donald Trumps tax affairs are as nothing compared to those of the great global corporations Donald Trump is offering himself as president of a country whose federal income taxes he gives every appearance of dodging. He says he is fit to be commander in chief, after avoiding giving a cent more than he could towards…

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The wonderful football freestyling world of Indi Cowie


The 22-year-old from Boca Raton is one of the worlds top women in freestyle soccer. Luis Miguel Echegaray meets her and watches open-mouthed One of the first things that comes to mind, sitting across from Indi Cowie, whos dressed in her familiar colorful soccer attire, is how mature and focused she is. Then again, maybe…

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